The Provincial Government of Northwest Vietnam provides major regional schools for the village people. These schools have very basic facilities but the teachers are very enthusiastic and I was impressed by the way in which children, teenagers and adults all participate in the classroom. I am sure the school would welcome donations of books, writing materials and educational resources. If time permits try to arrange a home stay. A night in the village is a worthwile experience. Our only complaint was that hawkers from the village try to sell to you constantly and they are non-responsive to the phrase "no thank you"!. Treat them with courtesy but if they become overbearing ask your host to send them away. If hawkers bother you then choose a home stay that will not allow them on to the property.

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Sapa Vietnam: Village house surrounded by crops. Sapa Vietnam: Children on the move with umbrellas for shade. Sapa Vietnam: Watching the world go by.  Life can be very slow in the village. Sapa Vietnam: Growing vegetables in small backyard enclosures. Sapa Vietnam: Rock retaining wall. Sapa Vietnam: John finds a friendly buffalo. Sapa Vietnam: Raising ducks is very common throughout Vietnam. Sapa Vietnam: Regional Government school for older children and adults. Sapa Vietnam: Music teacher. Sapa Vietnam: Young people enjoy a singing lesson. Sapa Vietnam: Young and old attend a handicraft lesson. Sapa Vietnam: The school resources are fairly basic. Sapa Vietnam: Inside view of our village home stay. Sapa Vietnam: Upstairs bedroom in village home stay. Sapa Vietnam: External view of our village home stay.. Sapa Vietnam: Black H'mong woman works and sells her wares near the home stay.
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