There's hash in them thare hills! One of my favorite Vietnam photos is on this page. It's the one with Lorraine being offered pot by the old H'mong woman. Indian hemp is extensively grown in these hills as a lot of it is used for garments. Having said that I don't see lots of locals spaced out on drugs so the drugs do not appear to be a major social problem. The first part of the trek follows the main road or you can take a cross-country route. It does depend on the "mood" of the guide on the day and ours was fairly moody at times. We were very fortunate to get good weather. However, the trek would still be a memorable experience even in the wet.

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Sapa Vietnam: Making the long trek home Sapa Vietnam: Mountain village with terraced hills Sapa Vietnam: The mountain river brings life to the valley Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine encounters a local villager. Sapa Vietnam: This hat will keep my head warm. Sapa Vietnam: Road workers set up shanty huts. Sapa Vietnam: Restaurant will a million dollar view. Sapa Vietnam: It's good to take a break. Sapa Vietnam: Simple furniture and surroundings remind me of Nepal. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine is being offered some local produce! Sapa Vietnam: Good God it's pot !! Sapa Vietnam: Our trek will take us down into the valley. Sapa Vietnam: Rich fertile hills. Sapa Vietnam: View of local Government administration center. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine finds some hash growing beside the road.  Marijuana is very common in these hills as it is used for hemp clothing. Sapa Vietnam: The long and winding road.
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