The two day trek is extremely enjoyful and providing you are reasonable fit it is not too taxing. Most tourists take a guide and these can easily be found at the Auberge Hotel, Mountain View Hotel and Friendly Cafe. You'll probably pay about $US10 per day for the guide. Check the price of the home stay as it is usually not included in the fees you pay to the guide. The trek is basically down hill most of the way and it is cheap to get transport back along the main road to Sapa rather than the necessity of walking it. The scenery is breathtaking and you'll meet lots of locals on the way. The road can be rough at times as road works are in progress and take a long time to finish. The mountain donkey was an unexpected treat.

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Sapa Vietnam: Many different types of crops are grown in the mountains including dry rice, vegetables, fruit and opium and hemp. Sapa Vietnam: H'mong mother with baby with views of tiny villages in the mountains Sapa Vietnam: Grand hotel with breathtaking views of the mountains. Sapa Vietnam: High quality tourist accommodation set among the fields. Sapa Vietnam: Mountain fruit plantation. Sapa Vietnam: The donkey is still a common means of transport. Sapa Vietnam: H'mong girl with donkey. Sapa Vietnam: Rice beds follow the contours of the mountain. Sapa Vietnam: A magnificent valley for trekking. Sapa Vietnam: Roadworks that are very treacherous !! Sapa Vietnam: Child walking down steep rocks the muster goats. Sapa Vietnam: img_3408.jpg Sapa Vietnam: Wide open valley with flowing river. Sapa Vietnam: Tar making machine for the rough roads. Sapa Vietnam: This is really messy work ! Sapa Vietnam: Small mountain village
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