The H'mong and Dao (also known as Zao) are the most common hill tribes people in the Sapa area. Different tribes have different languages and customs even though the distance from one tibe to another is small. The influence of China is very evident in the Zao who practice ancestor worship. Women love to wear silver coins which are an indication of wealth and status. Animal sacrifice is common. The Zao can be identified by the bright red turban.

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Sapa Vietnam: The hill-tribes people have great charm and are natural marketers of their products. Sapa Vietnam: One brave man among all the ladies Sapa Vietnam: Jewelry plays an important part in the H'mong dress. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine tries on some traditional garments Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine with a full Red Zao outfit. Sapa Vietnam: H'mong teenagers with modern caps Sapa Vietnam: A combination of red and blue Sapa Vietnam: Houses near the Sapa markets with views of the mountains Sapa Vietnam: Upper level of the Cho Sa Pa markets Sapa Vietnam: H'mong traders ply their skills on every tourist. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine with Red Zao woman. Sapa Vietnam: Commanding views of the mountains from Sapa Sapa Vietnam: Many hotels and houses have commanding views of the mountains Sapa Vietnam: When the weather is fine the mountains look spectacular. Sapa Vietnam: Buildings in Sapa are built on the side of the hills. Sapa Vietnam: Sapa is not a big town and is surrounded by fields and villages.
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