Although the H'mong are regarded by some as an unprivileged minority they are a very outgoing people. The making and selling of traditional garments has certainly grown with the increase of tourism. The older garments are the best to buy because the dye has set and their authenticity is appealing. The dye in the newer garments is not properly set and can come off on your hands and also when washing. H'mong women selling these garments have dye stained hands and that gives a clue concerning the set of the dye. Talking of dye we came across a lovely dog, called "Donny" whose mane has been dyed so that he looks very much like a little lion. All the locals know of Donny so you should not have any problems finding him.

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Sapa Vietnam: Sapa is high in the mountains and much cooler than other parts of Vietnam Sapa Vietnam: This little dog, called Sapa Vietnam: Close-up of Donny who has need to some dental work Sapa Vietnam: Donny poses for the camera Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine makes friends with the H'mong and Donny Sapa Vietnam: Donny has a friend for life! Sapa Vietnam: Steps down to the Sapa market Sapa Vietnam: The market is full of fresh produce and fascinating foods Sapa Vietnam: Asparagas Sapa Vietnam: Delicious fresh vegetables Sapa Vietnam: Distinctive colors of the traditional hill-tribes garments.  These are for sale. Sapa Vietnam: Red Zao woman repairing traditional clothing. Sapa Vietnam: The marketplace is full of people selling clothing Sapa Vietnam: Black H'mong girl with traditional costume. Sapa Vietnam: Clothing repair area where traditional garments are prepared for sale. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine tries on a traditional hat
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