The train back to Hanoi leaves from Lao Cai Station. If you have time before you catch the train go for a walk to the Chinese border. It is only 5km from the train station quite interesting, although a little dusty. Lao Cai township is located on both sides of the river and initially we mistook it for China. To get to the border you just keep walking ahead with the river on your left. Beyond the border gates and check points you can see and feel the energy of China. If you have a multiple entry visa into Vietnam and a visa for China this would be a good place to cross. The Lao Cai station is fascinating with trains coming and going and much merriment.

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Sapa Vietnam: Friendly Zao woman at the markets. Sapa Vietnam: This beautiful H'mong girl is 11 years old. Sapa Vietnam: Almost camouflaged among the garments on display. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine renews her acquaintance with Donny Sapa Vietnam: Donny poses for the camera. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine loves to hold Donny. Sapa Vietnam: Donny finds is all a bit overwhelming. Sapa Vietnam: We are close to the Chinese border with the city of Lao Cai in the background. Sapa Vietnam: The city of Lao Cai close by the Chinese border crossing. Sapa Vietnam: The border checking station at Lao Cai. Sapa Vietnam: Chinese border at Lao Cai.  The buildings you see are in the Republic of China. Sapa Vietnam: John at the Chinese border. Sapa Vietnam: We take a battery powered bus back to the station at Lao Cai. Sapa Vietnam: Lao Cai station lights in the background. Sapa Vietnam: Train at Lao Cai Station. Sapa Vietnam: People board the trains for Hanoi. Sapa Vietnam: Lao Cai Station at night. Sapa Vietnam: Another train arrives at Lao Cai. Sapa Vietnam: Soft sleep compartment. Sapa Vietnam: The slow train to Hanoi leaves Lao Cai. Sapa Vietnam: Employees of the Vietnam Railways. Sapa Vietnam: Passengers awaiting departure. Sapa Vietnam: Feet resting by the window.
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