The second day of trekking is much more challenging than the first but much shorter. The paths are narrow and after run become very slippery. It really pays to have a bamboo stick which can give you some leverage. The ground is made of slippery clay so if you fall over it's you're pride that is hurt more than your posterior. A skilled guide can take you through this terrain without too many problems. We walked for 5km on the second day which meant we caught a taxi back to Sapa after lunch.

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Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine pokes her head out after a good night's sleep. Sapa Vietnam: Women make an early Sapa Vietnam: House dogs prepares for another demanding day (sic) !! Sapa Vietnam: Outside shower and laundry. Sapa Vietnam: Front yard of the village home stay. Sapa Vietnam: Pancakes being booked for breakfast. Sapa Vietnam: Waiting for a morsel. Sapa Vietnam: After the rain the paths are muddy and very slippery. Sapa Vietnam: Mist and cloud in the valley. Sapa Vietnam: Simple shelter from sun and rain. Sapa Vietnam: Tourists trekking in the hills. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine pauses to take a rest. Sapa Vietnam: Child walking along the terraced hills. Sapa Vietnam: Lots of different shades of green. Sapa Vietnam: We walk through some areas thick with foliage.  A bamboo walking stick is a great help. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine takes a tumble and the guide helps her to her feet.  It pays to have a sense of humour.
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