A fast mountain stream flowed past our village home stay. It rained heavily during the night and I thought it was pouring when I woke up but it was only the rushing stream. The village has set up some amazing toilets which consist of a hole in the ground strategically placed above a concrete channel into which some of the stream has been diverted. You are actually sitting above constantly flowing water. I didn't ask where the water went and I didn't want to know. It was very quiet in the village at night with only the occasion bark from a dog. Roosters herald the coming of morning. We had mosquito nets but I was not aware of any mosquitos.

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Sapa Vietnam: The mother of our guide with lots of jewelry and traditional dress. Sapa Vietnam: Healthy plants. Sapa Vietnam: Moving ducks from one area to another. Sapa Vietnam: Village children are very charming. Sapa Vietnam: Village children call by to show us their handicrafts. Sapa Vietnam: Cooking dinner over a fire fueled by bamboo. Sapa Vietnam: Lorraine watches the dinner being prepared. Sapa Vietnam: Chopping up food for the farm animals. Sapa Vietnam: The bamboo is stripped down and had many uses. Sapa Vietnam: A beautiful banquet of Vietnamese food. Sapa Vietnam: Mosquito nets in upstairs bedroom.  We did not notice any mosquitos. Sapa Vietnam: Upstairs sleeping quarters in the village home stay. Sapa Vietnam: Beds with mosquito nets. Sapa Vietnam: Lounge room with television and music system. Sapa Vietnam: House dog takes a rest at the bottom of the steps. Sapa Vietnam: Early morning view of the mountains after heavy night rains.
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