The village home stay provides an excellent opportunity for sitting around, doing nothing very much and watching the world go by. You'll see how food is gathered and prepared using very simple tools. In our home stay the food was prepared in a very simple kitchen and cooked on an in-ground fire. Bamboo provides an excellent fuel and can be progressively moved under the food as it burns. The food we were offered was fresh and delicious. Family and village life goes on about you and you can watch or participate depending on your energy levels. I got one of the women to give me a foot massage and it was excellent. She used some local herbs which were ground up and then applied after the massage. When I awoke in the morning my feet were like new.

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Sapa Vietnam: H'mong woman with child. Sapa Vietnam: Dogs at rest on the cool kitchen floor. Sapa Vietnam: Dogs love to sleep and nap. Sapa Vietnam: Meals are cooked on this simple in-ground fire place. Sapa Vietnam: Basic cooking utensils. Sapa Vietnam: View outside our village home stay. Sapa Vietnam: Simple mountain hut with lovely views. Sapa Vietnam: Children sit and pass the time of day. Sapa Vietnam: Ducks and a thatched roof. Sapa Vietnam: Child rides a water buffalo. Sapa Vietnam: Young girl rides the buffalo bare back. Sapa Vietnam: A foot massage is a much needed treatment after a long day of walking. Sapa Vietnam: Happy village girls. Sapa Vietnam: Every house seems to have a bong. Sapa Vietnam: Preparing dinner with the cat ready for tit bits. Sapa Vietnam: Our guide with the daughter of the owner of the house.
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