On our "diving trip" we stopped for a few hours in the afternoon at the Hon Tam Resort which has nice beaches and is a good place to relax. You can rent a thatched shelter for a very reasonable amount of money. One of the good things about the trip was that we got to meet other tourists from different parts of the world. We had Australians, people from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Thailand. If you are travelling alone don't worry as you are sure to make friends on a tour like the one we describe on these pages. Our tour guide really know how to break down barriers and get people to have a good time.

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Nha Trang Vietnam: The tour leader serenades Lorraine. Nha Trang Vietnam: Lorraine serenades the tour leader Nha Trang Vietnam: Lorraine catches the spirit of the song. Nha Trang Vietnam: Is it a drinking song? Nha Trang Vietnam: This is a perfect day. Nha Trang Vietnam: We stop for a break at the Hon Tam Resort. Nha Trang Vietnam: With our friends Alison and Peter from Melbourne. Nha Trang Vietnam: The beach at Hon Tam Resort. Nha Trang Vietnam: Taking to the water at Hon Tam Resort. Nha Trang Vietnam: The beach at Hon Tam Resort. Nha Trang Vietnam: img_1674.jpg Nha Trang Vietnam: Relaxing in the shade at Hon Tam Resort. Nha Trang Vietnam: Getting to know new friends met on the boat. Nha Trang Vietnam: Afternoon tea awaits us when we return to our boat. Nha Trang Vietnam: A brief afternoon shower passes through. Nha Trang Vietnam: The rain cools the air.
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