There are about 25 diving sights in and around Nha Trang. Some are deep and experience is required and others are shallow and little experience is required. We went on the latter which was more fun on board than fun in the water. If you do go diving be sensitive to the delicate eco system so that you do not destroy water habitat. There are a few sharks about but we saw none on the day we went out. You'll also see some interesting floating fishing villages.

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Nha Trang Vietnam: Very appetizing and well prepared. Nha Trang Vietnam: The captain takes a break. Nha Trang Vietnam: Village on the water. Nha Trang Vietnam: These villagers earn their money from fishing. Nha Trang Vietnam: The fishing village is very colorful. Nha Trang Vietnam: The seats are turned into tables. Nha Trang Vietnam: It is a magnificent day to be out in the harbour. Nha Trang Vietnam: The tour leader arranges a karaoke session after lunch. Nha Trang Vietnam: All signing and clapping after a good lunch. Nha Trang Vietnam: Well most people are singing and clapping !! Nha Trang Vietnam: The floating bar is being prepared. Nha Trang Vietnam: Lorraine contemplates jumping off the top of the boat. Nha Trang Vietnam: The floating bar is great fun and the tour leader provides all of the drinks. Nha Trang Vietnam: Eight bottles of wine are available for consumption. Nha Trang Vietnam: Shouts and cheers from the floating bar. Nha Trang Vietnam: Lorraine is having a wonderful time.
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