Because of its significant value as an example of cultural exchange and integration of external cultures, especially the art and architecture of Hinduism with he native culture, combined with lively reflection of the Champa Kingdom in South East Asian cultural history, in December 1999, UNESCO listed My Son as a world cultural heritage.

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My Son Vietnam: Keeping cool in the shade. My Son Vietnam: My Son is a UNESCO listed world heritage site. My Son Vietnam: Children fossick for stones in a nearby stream. My Son Vietnam: Thick vegetation surrounds the area. My Son Vietnam: Various sites are scattered throughout the area. My Son Vietnam: Restoration work is going on in this area. My Son Vietnam: My Son monument. My Son Vietnam: Conservations works in progress. My Son Vietnam: A large protective shed has been built over this monument. My Son Vietnam: Path back to the main pavilion area. My Son Vietnam: Ubiquitous water buffalo. My Son Vietnam: Buffalo graze near a stream. My Son Vietnam: Young people enjoying a visit to My Son. My Son Vietnam: Bus drops us off to catch a boat back to Hoi An. My Son Vietnam: A wonderful day to be sailing on the river. My Son Vietnam: Tourists boarding the boat. My Son Vietnam: Getting ready to leave. My Son Vietnam: Boat with unique
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