The Mekong Delta tours include visits to factories that make rice paper, rice products and confectionary. These places are really fascinating to visit and you do get an opportunity to sample what is on sale. The back streets and the little farms are quite interesting. The pace of life in the Mekong is quite relaxed and in the middle of the day it is quite common to see people dozing. Only crazy tourists press on in the midday heat.

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This old junk has seen a few storms. Most of the vessels are made of timber. The river expands and contracts. Produce ready for shipment. School children being transported on the river. Lots of baskets in storage. Washing clothes in the river. People in the Mekong are very friendly. Ducks on the move. Lots of boats pass up and down the river. Palm trees are very common. Palm tree and the bridge. We're out for a good time. Arch bridges like this are quite common. Beautiful arched bridge. We stop for lunch in this small picturesque village.
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