The next time you eat a spring roll or dim sim spare a thought for those who make the wrapping. Millions of spring rolls are consumed in Vietnam and the external wrapping is made from rice. A very thin layer of rice is formed from rice milk and then laid out to dry. Noodles are also made in a similar way. It's hot work but not back breaking.

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Rice store beside the river. Washing the pigs. The pigs really appreciate being cooled down. This little piggy will eventually go to market. Making rice paper used as a covering for spring rolls. The factory is a hive of activity. Rice paper drying in the sun. The rice goo is spread out on a heated surface. Rice noodles. Low down in the water. This infant checks out the passing tourists. Mum takes a rest from the heat of the day - a very sensible thing to do. Sprucing up for the afternoon. Coconut boat. Speed boat in Mekong estuary. There is always plenty to see - this is a fascinating tour.
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