One of things you can always guarantee about overseas travel is that you will meet new people. We were lucky enough early on in the trip to meet Peter and Alison Killick and their children who come from Melbourne. I first met them in the Mekong Delta where we travelled in a group tour for three days. What came as a pleasant surprise was that we literally bumped into them again in Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hanoi. I've put some photos of them on this page just to celebrate the joy of meeting really nice people when you are travelling OS.

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Hoi An is full of small shops like this. Very attractive scarfs and shawls. Shop owner. Tiger beer is very popular throughout Vietnam. Dinner with Peter and Alison and their children in Hoi An. Fresh Beer !! The Hoai River restaurant is excellent value. Bar and restaurant in Hoi An. Delicious cakes and hot chocolate. Take a cyclo ride around Hoi An. Tam Tam Cafe provides delicious good. View of Tam Tam Cafe from shop opposite. Lots of good local bars if you are feeling thirsty. Putting up a thatched roof. Half way there ... Finally vertical and in place.
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