The Ho Chi Minh City Markets are worth a visit. You'll find just about everything in the markets and there are some good eating places. The traffic on the main streets of Ho Chi Minh City is very heavy. It's mainly motor bikes. Once you start to cross keep going and the traffic tends to flow around you like a stream. If you're overwhelmed by it then you'll always find a cyclo that will take you across the street for a small payment. One of the easy ways to explore the city is by cyclo. A cyclo is a bicycle with seat and cover and they are very cheap to hire for an hour or so.

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It's your choice: chopsticks or a spoon. You're never too far from a restaurant if you feel the need for a snack or drink. Shady restaurants give relief from the heat and humidity. Lorraine purchased this delicious snack for a couple of dollars. Fresh vegetables are readily available. Ho Chi Minh City markets. Three passengers on a motor cycle is not unusual - I have seen up to five! Ho Chi Minh City markets have lots of bits and pieces on sale. Lots of interesting foods to buy at the market. If you have a sweet tooth you'll enjoy the variety of sweets available in the markets. Imitation fruit with a background of figurines. Lots of little restaurants scattered throughout the markets. Not all streets in Ho Chi Minh City are crowded. Ride in and buy a bunch of flowers.  A good bunch will cost you $US3.00 Selling roasted peanuts on the street. Lots of beautiful flowers on sale in the market.  Grab this image for you desktop. Somehow the traffic manages to navigate this intersection.  Fortunately people are not driving fast. A jumble of buildings and overhead power wires.
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