Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam with a population of over five and half million people. This is a fascinating city full of contrasts. Modern high rise hotels look down on traditional markets and street stalls. We stayed at the Madame Cuc Hotel No 127 and were very pleased with this hotel which is inexpensive and close to the main city center. Ho Chi Minh Province covers an enormous area of over 2000 sq km and includes both rural and municipal populations. The city is undergoing great change as Vietnam develops. The hotels would have foreigners believe that there are bag snatchers on every corner but I felt quite safe and was not hassled in any disconcerting way. Over the past few years the Vietnamese have come to realise the value of tourism and their openness and friendliness has emerged. There are lots of nice restaurants and always something of interesting happening on the streets.

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Farm areas outside of Ho Chi Minh City Factories and apartments on the approach into Ho Chi Minh City. A jumble of colorful apartments and shops on final approach. Cang Hang Khong Airport Ho Chi Minh City. Always plenty of activity at the main airport. Travelling into Ho Chi Minh City from the airport. Our first sight of the distinctive cane hats worn by many Vietnamese. There are many more motor cycles than cars in Ho Chi Minh City. Apartments near our Hotel. Friendly staff of the Madame Cuc Hotel where we stayed in Ho Chi Minh City. Lorraine bag is hoisted up to the room on the 3rd Floor. We highly recommend the Madame Cuc Hotel which is very clean and inexpensive.   It is also quite close to the city center. Bathroom in our room at Madame Cuc Hotel Department Store in Ho Chi Minh City. Cyclos provide a cheap and easy method of transport in Ho Chi Minh City. Delta Adventure Tours are excellent in making tour bookings and arranging air travel. We booked out plane tickets in the morning and they were available for us that same afternoon. Side street in Ho Chi Minh City.
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