The Water Puppets Theatre is an absolute delight. You'll get to hear some wonderful Vietnamese music and also learn about "life down on the farm". All of the puppets do their thing in a large field of water. The Water Puppets Theatre has toured the world and presents about 3 times a day in Hanoi. Children will be entranced by the performance. The puppeteers stand behind a screen in a tank of waist deep water to do the performance. The water buffalo are very cute. You'll be given a souvenier fan to take away and the show runs for about an hour. After the theatre walk down Ta Hein Street past the Classic 1 Hotel where you will find a woman cooking sate on a little stove. Order a sate with bed roll and for drinks a few glasses of beer which will set you back 25 cents a glass.

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Wall of the Giarai Tomb. Simple cooking utensils. H'mong House at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Kitchen area in H'mong House. Bedroom in H'mong House. Cooking area in H'mong house. Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi. Make sure you see the water puppets. The Water Puppets theatre operates most days. Behind the scene puppeteers. Orchestra at Water Puppets Theatre. Orchestra at Water Puppets Theatre. Long queue to see 'Uncle Ho' in the flesh at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Cats on a hot tin roof in Hanoi. John enjoys a sate roll near the Classic 1 Hotel.  These are delicious and I recommend you try them. ATM's are readily available throughout Hanoi. You can buy beer on the street of Hanoi for twenty-five cents a glass and it does taste good.
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