The lights of other houseboats reflecting in the water creates an enchanting atmosphere. Our crew served an excellent dinner which consisted of a large number of traditional Vietnamese dishes including seafood. This was followed by lots of fruit. The food is provided as part of the tour package but you pay for drinks. Vietnamese food is nourishing but not as tangy as Thai food. The evening meal gave us opportunity to get to know our fellow passengers much better. The boat generator is turned off at night so the only sounds are the lapping of water and the occasional passing boat. I arose early to capture the early light of dawn. Lovely pink hues mixed with cloud and water.

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The table is set for dinner. Lights from the houseboat dance in the water.  Grab this photo for your desktop. Early morning light from our bedroom window. The pink light of dawn welcomes another day. Dawn over Halong Bay. Another day in paradise. All is quiet on the deck. The dragon protects the houseboat. Morning shadows. Full moon above Halong Bay. All is quiet and peaceful in the early morning. The deck and quiet and a lovely place for an early morning coffee. Lorraine gets up early to enjoy the dawn. Full moon above the houseboat. Early morning traders approach the boat at 6am. The clouds roll away to reveal a lovely day.
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