Halong Bay is named after a dragon that descended into the sea. It came down from the mountains and as it fled to the ocean its tail dug up the land creating gorges and crevasses. When the Bay filled with water, so the myth goes, only the high land became visible. The first stop on the tour is the lovely Hang Sung Sot caves. These are cool and spacious and to enter them is akin to going into a great catherdral. There are good walking paths throughout the cave and the interplay of internal and external lights produces some startling effects and lasting impressions.

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Halong Bay: Permanent houseboat villages are found throughout the Bay. Halong Bay: This house has all-round water views. Halong Bay: The television must definitely run from power generators as there are no power lines. Halong Bay: Approaching Hang Sung Sot caves. Halong Bay: Crew member of nearby houseboat takes a break while to passengers go ashore. Halong Bay: Impressive stalactite. Halong Bay: The lighting in the cave creates an eerie atmosphere. Halong Bay: Inside one of the main chambers. Halong Bay: Beautiful shapes carved by water and wind. Halong Bay: This large chamber looks like a sci-fi movie set. Halong Bay: The people in the picture show the size of the cave. Halong Bay: Impressive, colorful walls. Halong Bay: The cave lighting has been well planned. Halong Bay: Golden light and grey-green walls. Halong Bay: This would make good wallpaper for your desktop. Halong Bay: The air was cool and it was nice to be temporarily released from the outside heat.
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