The Cu Chi area could be described as a giant killing field. Over 10,000 VC were killed and hundreds of American and Australian soldiers. Many marines who went down into the tunnels never came out being killed by the VC, snakes or booby traps. The VC used sandals made out of discarded tires. They would often walk in the sandals wearing them back to front giving the impression of travelling in a different direction. VC insurgents in Saigon were often identified by the white marks of these distinctive sandals against sun darkened feet. Visitors to Cu Chi have an opportunity to go down into a brief section of tunnel. You can also shoot an AK-47 at the Shooting Range.

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Cu Chi Tunnels: Visitors to Cu Chi can shoot live ammunition at the shooting range. Cu Chi Tunnels: Soviet AK-47 Assault rifles for use at the shooting range. Cu Chi Tunnels: You definitely near ear muffs when shooting these rifles. Cu Chi Tunnels: Demonstration showing how old tyres were used to make Viet Cong sandals. Cu Chi Tunnels: Tourists are able to go down into a section of the tunnel. Cu Chi Tunnels: Very narrow and claustrophobic. Cu Chi Tunnels: The tunnels are hot are very hot and humid. Cu Chi Tunnels: Staircase down into the tunnels. Cu Chi Tunnels: It's good to stand up after a short cramped journey. Cu Chi Tunnels: Tourist coming out of the tunnel. Cu Chi Tunnels: The guide explains the history of the area. Cu Chi Tunnels: Guide explaining the significance of the Viet Cong uniform. Cu Chi Tunnels: Close up view of Viet Cong uniform.
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