The tunnels were first built and used by the Viet Minh and gave a peasant army an efficient method of transportation against a high-tech enemy. The Cu Chi area was know as The Iron Triangle and US and Australian troops tried to pacify it with napalm defoliation, excavation and burning. The VC managed to survive in the tunnels because they were up to three or four levels deep. The VC mainly fought at night when the enemy were in camp. The Americans used German Shepherd sniffer dogs to track down the VC but they were outsmarted by chilli pepper. The VC also washed in American soap and used clothing of killed soldiers to trick the dogs.

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Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: American tank destroyed by a delay mine in 1970. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: This pavilion provides a display of weapons systems used by the Viet Cong. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Trapdoor with spikes. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: System for opening the trapdoor. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Simple but lethal system with spikes. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Drawing of how the system killed the enemy. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Another trapdoor illustration. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Thousand of Viet Cong and Americans died in the Cu Chi area. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: The American soldiers refused to go on patrol at night due to the booby traps. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: These lethal trapdoors were everywhere. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Entering an underground bunker. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: The guide explains how the underground bunkers were used. Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam: Mechanized models showing how weapons were made.
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